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75 hours

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Give us your trust and join our main program that has been carefully chosen to cover all that you need to reach your goal and have a command of the Arabic language. We start with you from the alphabet until you speak it, write it, and understand it exactly as in your native language. Our main course contains the main book that is ( Kitab Al-Madinah ), a conversation book, set of audio files and video files, and a reading book that have been chosen to take a student from a beginning level to an advanced level within little months.

What you need to start this course

No Prerequisites are required for this course as it starts from a beginning level.

Hours a week Hour price Monthly payment
1 €6.80 €27.2
2 €6.40 €51.2
3 €5.60 €67.2
4 €5.30 €84.8
5 €4.70 €94
6 €4.30 €103.2