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55 hours

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With our program, you can learn the prescribed acts of worship and rulings of Islam upon the book [ Quran ], the Sunnah, the athar [ of companions ], and the heritage of the Imams of fiqh and Sunnah. We start with You from the basics in fiqh with simple examples from the daily life, until an advanced level in which you study major books in fiqh. At the end of each book, you study in fiqh, you can get a certificate from the Center.

What you need to start this course

The study of Islamic Jurisprudence [ fiqh ] must be preceded by an accepted command of Arabic language, so a test will be held in Arabic language and only those who pass this test will be accepted as students in our Fiqh Course.

Hours a week Hour price Monthly payment
1 €9.00 €36
2 €8.00 €64
3 €7.50 €90
4 €7.50 €120
5 €7.00 €140
6 €6.50 €156