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50 hours

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This program covers all main areas of tajweed that includes definitions of new vocabulary, explanatiOurons of the rules of tajweed, and practical exercises in recitation. You will start with the practical recitation in addition to theoretical rules of recitation until you study the full ten recitations with an Isnad [chain of narrators ]to the prophet [Peace Be Upon him]. Our Quran course contains a theoretical side [ book in tajweed rules ] goes along with a practical side that includes the meaning of vocabulary and a general meaning of the verses of Quran.

What you need to start this course

No Prerequisites are required for this course as it starts from a beginning level.

Hours a week Hour price Monthly payment
1 €6.00 €24
2 €5.00 €40
3 €4.50 €54
4 €4.50 €72
5 €4.00 €80
6 €4.00 €96