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50 hours

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This course entails a study of the most important events in the life of the Prophet Muhammad between his birth and migration to Madeenah, it explores the challenges he encountered and the manners with which he responded to them. Through our carefully chosen gradual and simple books in Seerah you will enrich your Arabic vocabulary, fiqh study, and knowledge of the interpretation of many verses of the Qurran. At the end of this course, you will have the knowledge of the whole story of the life of the prophet, have a good deal of information in islamic fiqh and the teachings of the prophet, and have the power to speak Arabic in the way you tell whole stories in Arabic.

What you need to start this course

the study of the biography [ seerah ] of the prophet must be preceded by an accepted command of Arabic language, so a test will be held in Arabic language and only those who pass this test will be accepted as students in our Biography [ Seerah ] course.

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1 €7.60 €30.4
2 €6.50 €52
3 €5.50 €66
4 €5.50 €88
5 €5.00 €100
6 €4.60 €110.4