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In this course the student have the authority to choose specific book in arabic, in fiqh, in sirah, or in tajweed and our teachers will give him a hand to study it to have his aimed progress and get a certificate in his selected book. Through our carefully chosen materials our teachers will be able to change any advanced book that is selected by the student into a simple and clear book that can easily be studied and easily be understood At the end of your selected book and after passing a test in it, you will get a certificate from the center.

What you need to start this course

No prerequisites are required for this course if you selected a book of a beginning level such as Al-ajorromeyyah in Arabic grammar ... etc.; but if your choice was a book of an advanced or pre-advanced level; a test must be passed before starting this course.

Hours a week Hour price Monthly payment
1 €9.00 €36
2 €8.00 €64
3 €7.50 €90
4 €7.50 €120
5 €7.00 €140
6 €6.00 €144