Terms and Policy

  • General

    All your personal information must be correct and up to date.
    Payments must be made before the beginning of each month of the course.
    You have the possibility to register for several successive months which will entitle you to more benefits.
    The payment of the new month must be issued within few days before the end of each month to avoid losing your time courses or your current teacher.
    Following a late payment or in case the Center doesn't receive the payment on time you unfortunately will not be able to access the courses.
    Students should arrive a few minutes before class to ensure that they are ready for the course start time.
  • Study

    The links and information provided by the teacher should not be shared, they are reserved for your personal use.
    The homework requested by the teacher must be done on time as it is advantageous and helpful for a faster progression/learning.
    The student’s work will be evaluated by the teacher as a follow-up of the progress.
  • The teacher and the student

    Any contacts between the students and professors must be made through the administration service or the support service.
    The questions asked by the student to the professors must be only questions related to the concerned courses.
    The student should be patient and respectful to his teacher. Any student showing bad behavior will be excluded from the center. If the student want to fill up a complain due to a misunderstanding with the teacher or any other problem, he is advised to contact the Center directly by e-mail. The Center will study the complaint and look for a favorable outcome for all.
  • Absence of the student

    As all training centers, the absences of the student leads to the loss of his course and this one will not be catch up.
    The students must notify in advance the center by the dashboard for their absences.
    Arriving more than 15 minutes late is considered as an absence for the given course.
    We are not responsible for any problem of connections or material from the student side, therefore the student will be considered absent.
    If a student is late or absent during the course, his absence time will be deducted from his course time.
  • Absence of the teacher

    Your teacher's absence will be notified to you in advance in your dashboard.
    Any absence from your teacher will be catch up.
    A delay of more than 15 minutes from your teacher will be considered as an absence from him and gives you right for a catch up.
    If a teacher went absent during the course, he will have to compensate you for this absence time and it will not be deducted from you.
    Any problem of connections or material, from the teacher’s side preventing the course will be considered as an absence from him and the course will be replaced.
    The student who wish to interrupt his courses will allowed to do so but he must inform the Center by email, indicating the reason and the unsubscribe date. There will be no refund for the remaining course time in his subscription.
  • More Features

    The subscribers of 3 months have the right to 3 free courses
    The subscribers of 6 months have the right to 6 free courses
    10% discount for two registered members of the same family.
    10% discount for our converted brothers and sister.
    10% discount in the second account for anyone who has taken two courses simultaneously.
    YUSR ARABIC CENTER does not propose courses of Aquida. For that reason, any questions of Aquida from the student or the teacher are completely not allowed.
  • policy

    By joining us, you agreed to the Terms and Conditions described above, it’s commitment between you and us.
    We remind you that commitment has a paramount importance in Islam, so give importance to your commitment.
    We are here to assist you in your search for science and we hope to help you to reach your goal incha'allah.
    May Allah reward you for your investment and facilitate your success.